Wilmington College Online Quaker Collections

This online repository is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history and heritage of Quakerism at Wilmington College. Our comprehensive collection of digital resources offers a profound glimpse into the Quaker experience, featuring a vast array of documents, photographs, manuscripts, and artifacts spanning several decades.

Delve into the lives and teachings of prominent Quaker figures who have shaped the identity of Wilmington College and the wider Quaker community. Explore the fascinating stories of past Quaker leaders, scholars, and activists who have made enduring contributions to social justice, education, and peacebuilding.

With user-friendly search functionalities, the Wilmington College Quaker Archive empowers researchers, students, and enthusiasts to unearth hidden gems and unlock valuable insights into Quaker traditions, values, and practices. Whether you're a Quaker scholar seeking primary sources or an inquisitive mind curious about the Quaker way of life, our archive provides a digital gateway to explore, learn, and connect with the vibrant Quaker heritage of Wilmington College.

Engage with our curated exhibits, thematic collections, and educational resources, which illuminate the Quaker philosophy of simplicity, equality, integrity, and peace. Discover the enduring influence of Quakerism on education, social reform, and community building, while gaining a deeper understanding of the role Wilmington College has played in advancing these principles.

We invite you to journey through time, traversing the annals of Quaker history and embracing the timeless values that continue to shape the Wilmington College community today. Uncover the Quaker spirit within the digital corridors of our archive, and join us in celebrating the Quaker legacy of Wilmington College—one document, one story, and one connection at a time.